Host a conference to make an impact and facilitate incredible collisions among educators and other folks!

fuse16, a summer design-thinking experience, immerses educators of many types in making an impact. Schools could host more events like this!

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Fuse16 is a unique design thinking experience, hosted and facilitated by the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI). In its fifth year, fuse16 provides educators and folks from other industries an opportunity to learn design thinking by doing design thinking!

At #fuse16, the Flight Crew (coaches) from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation will guide a small but powerful team of design thinkers and doers on a mission to make a difference while learning DEEP design thinking methods that not only can change school, but that can also change the world.

Just like Mount Vernon generated this experience for its own faculty and educators from near and far, other schools could build conferences and events that empower their faculty to be presenters, facilitators, event planners, participants, and idea/action spreaders!

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