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Acknowledge teacher skill sets by creating a badging skill system that teachers can earn through submissions or performance.

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Gamification in and outside of education is a framework that has proven to be effective not only for children but also for adults. This idea can tie in with the concept of microcrentialing as well. Instead of waiting for official microcredential systems to come to the forefront, why not start an internal system within your district and add game elements to it?

Teachers who have a specific skill set can submit for a badge or microcredential to the district. The district acknowledges this teacher's skill sets with something; badge, certificate, etc. This can be viewed online by staff via a leaderboard. If a teacher collects a certain number, they receive something. Maybe extra classroom money, maybe a iTunes gift card, etc. It would depend on the district/site and what they may be willing/allowed to offer.

The bigger idea would it would help teachers see a certain teacher in the district has skills and can reach out them via a leaderboard. This could apply to any content area, but technology would be a great category as many people have so many different areas that could prove helpful.  It could also turn into something fun at by having an end of the year awards party. Teacher with most badges, a site with the most teachers that participated, etc.

Teachers could have various options on how to achieve their badges. 

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Neat idea. I'd be particularly mindful to move in the direction of gaining mastery in an area, instead of gaining external rewards. We don't realize how often we condition our kids (and ourselves!) to buy into the carrot/stick methodology of motivating. There are isolated instances in which it works, but we pay a price. LOVE the idea of microcredentialing!

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