DESIGN ON THE FLY: A SUITCASE PARTY TO LAUNCH A TEAM PD JOURNEY (note: this idea has been combined into Round Trip Ticket Mashup)

raffle airplane travel for a focused design thinking professional development journey for a team of 3-5 teachers over 4 days.

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At the end of the first day of professional development at the beginning of the school year, have a suitcase party. teachers buy $50 tickets to enter a raffle in which 3-5 teachers (depending on budget) win an airplane ticket.

The winning teachers form a design team that will travel together to a location TBD with the goal of using design thinking to brainstorm and prototype ideas for better instruction across the school.  

For departure, the team is given a backpack that is full of post-it notes, sharpies, blank journals, Austin Kleon's Steal Like an Artist, David and Tom Kelley's Creative Confidence, and Tim Brown's Change By Design.

From school funding and the raffle ticket sales, the team gets their trip paid for but they have to figure out the logistics of their trip based on what they have packed in their suitcases and the total budget they have.  Their purpose is to generate as many ideas as possible, be inspired, have fun, and present a report when they return on the afternoon of the last day of the professional development week.

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Hi Paul, I would love to do a mash-up of your idea and my Round Trip Ticket idea. My team at work sat down and prototyped our travel kit which has some of the same items that you mention. It would be amazing to develop a full prototype for the experience. What do you think?

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Donna -- YES!  Go for it...  Christina Jenkins added this comment about this idea: "So could it be a train? A road trip? A camping trip? A rafting trip? A river cruise? I also love the suitcase; there's so much potential there. I'm imagining something like a Bear Grylls show where you end up somewhere totally unfamiliar (but maybe it's the innovation lab of a museum, or a hut off the Appalachian Trail, and not necessarily London) with (or without) someone who can facilitate the conversation." 

I am traveling and then presenting at a conference but would be happy to engage during the 2nd week of December.  THANKS DONNA! 

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Hi Paul, Great! I've started this Google Doc ( for our mashup. I'll try to get it organized. Feel free to jump in when you're finished with all your travels. 

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Hi Donna and Paul,

I would love to collaborate with you both on this mashup idea.  Do you mind if I jump into the doc and add some guiding questions? 

Then we could create a new post where the best parts of your two ideas come together into a third option.

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Please jump in!  (


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Definitely! We would love to have your help!

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