Annual Learning Plans

An annual Teacher Learning Plan to be submitted each year.

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This is a province wide form that all public school teachers need to submit. It details the personal/professional learning goals they have for the year, how they hope to achieve that learning, and the timeframe they have to get it done. It's a great tool, in theory, but the practice of it doesn't quite do it justice - it's become another piece of bureaucratic paperwork that teachers submit to principals, but that no one really follows through on unless they are being evaluated in-class (about once every five years).

It has so much great possibility! How do we save it?

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Self created goals, and a plan to meet them, is a good direction to head. I would suggest regular check-ins on the plan, some form of reflection, paired with formal feedback (peers?). The form, to me, seems stifling, but it would be easy enough to structure this so that it is open ended, allows for creativity and autonomy.

The sticking point, in my mind, is providing the extra time for teachers to get it done. If a teacher had one day off every two months to assess his/her progress toward a goal, if that teacher were afforded the whole day to delve into a meaningful reflection of his/her practice, if that day included one or two meetings with others who knew his/her goal and had a notion of his/her progress...then I imagine the teacher would follow through and make the process worth everyone's' while (especially the students'!).

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