Student Crowdfunding - Connect Our Makers To The World!

If we are teaching our students to design and build, why not finish the deal with #entrepreneurism?

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A: Success.

Q: How might we inspire our students to be makers every day?

Sorry for the Jeopardy-like post, but I felt it was an appropriate way to think about making.  Don't we all want our students to have many successes during our year together?  The way to inspire our students to make each day is to build opportunities for entrepreneurial success!

Inspired my day at Stanford's with Guild Coaches Margaret Powers and Charles Shryrock IV, one concept really stuck with me ... students in certain courses are graded by the monetary success of their design when posted to Kickstarter.  What a fascinating concept!  Students receive feedback, not from their instructor, but from consumers!  Is there a more authentic form of feedback?

What if there was a platform for K-12 students to "crowdfund" projects of their peers across the world?  Is there a "currency" that students could use to "upvote" make ideas?  Similar to a certain site that is galvanizing teachers in design thinking to solve problems in education (I love the Guild, BTW), I wonder if there is a way to create a safe environment for students that are making?

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Wish I could be with you at #SXSW, Charles Shryock, IV !  Margaret Powers  are you going?

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Awesome my friend!  Maggie is here, at SXSWEdu and so too is Ellen Deutscher who you met in SF!  (Along with a ton of other Guild coaches.) 

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Superb!  I really wish I were there - to continue to learn from you guys!  Ellen Deutscher and I connected on the Twitter Machine after the tour - ordered up a set of Design Dots!  Have an awesome time in Austin!

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