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Using a mobile makerspace to change what teachers teach and what students learn.

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As a vehicle, literally and figuratively, to close the opportunity gap, STE(A)M Truck (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) is an innovation lab and mobile makerspace that is poised to scale. Each STE(A)M Truck platform provides programming comprised of three key elements: mentor experts such as community artists, robust access to STE(A)M resources and tools like laser cutters and 3D printers, and a rigorous curriculum focused on building design thinking and engineering skills as well as the character traits critical for success.  This is a platform to engage the broader community and have outside expertise have a meaningful impact on public school youth and teachers. 

Over the course of our 20-day program, students simply walk outside their classroom door, begin to tackle real problems, use design theory to prototype a solution and then get their hands dirty by building their innovations using real tools.  With an innovative and groundbreaking model, STE(A)M Truck provides ongoing technical support, professional development and guidance during the entire 20 day program.  We align our Builds with a teacher's curriculum and ensure our work still shapes the classroom long after we drive away.

Impact: Stakeholder feedback has been highly positive: “STE(A)M Truck is the most innovative thing happening in education”. Early outcomes have been promising, with statistically significant increases in students’ non-cognitive skills and interest in STEM.
Non-cognitive skills
 97%+ of students improved non-cognitive skills
 90%+ of students performed at satisfactory competency levels on non-cognitive skills
 Increased student interest and willingness to take risks and try new things in learning
 Improved classroom behavior (e.g., significant decline in discipline referrals)
STEM skills and awareness
 87%+ of students have improved applied STEM skills
 2/3 (and as high as 90%) of students perform at satisfactory competency levels on STEM skills
 73%+ of students have increased interest and confidence in pursuing a STEM career

Our goal is to impact 4,000 students annually by 2019 with multiple platforms.  

Through STE(A)M Truck, Community Guilds would be well-positioned to address the great need in our country for learning that instills, both academic and non-cognitive; the skills students need to finish high school, complete college, and compete in the 21st century.

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