After implementing MAKE Monday in my Transitional Kindergarten class in Fall 2015, I wanted a way to document their journeys.

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The photos you see are two complete MAKEfolios from this school year. I wanted to be able to document the MAKE Monday work of each child as a way for me to reflect on their journeys and also as a way for them to see what they have accomplished.  I tried taking videos with an iPad, but it's very difficult to hear the children speaking.  I do have a few and keep meaning to take more. But I need to be able to complete 26 videos or dictations in one the classroom!  The children enjoy adding photos to their portfolios once in a while.  What I have put in the photo section here are two complete portfolios.  Getting started with MAKE Mondays was a challenge for me.  I hesitated because I wasn't sure how to justify all every corner of my classroom.  At start of the year, I also had 28 parents of 4 year old children worried about the class being too big and possibly chaotic.  The MAKEfolios are something the kids didn't even see until January 2016.  Each MAKE Monday, there is a page that will go in the portfolio.  Before we MAKE I make a suggestion, introduce a new tool, invite group collaboration, exhibit a new material or something else.  Each page has notes for the facilitators...parent volunteers...and they meet with groups of children to talk about ideas for a few minutes. Sometimes the children draw an idea, sometimes they just go to work.  Later in the day, I take a dictation and often a photo to go on their page.  One of my favorite quotes a student made when reflecting on his favorite MAKE, "I liked when I made the jet pack by myself.  I liked it because I put lots of obstacles on it and fake fire and stuff made out of wood.  that's why I'm an inventor and a scientist!"  For me, talking to each child after they have created something helps me know them better as people.  They are always excited to talk about their creations and their conversations give me the information I need to figure out what I need to do next.  At this time of year, early March, I am figuring out how to get them to have more interest in the projects of each other.  The MAKEfolios will be fun to show off at Open House in May.

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