Maker Bucket

A self-replenishing (kinda) identified space for the collection of materials that will be used in building interest in "making" everyday.

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This is a suggestion coming from a team of folks that were at the #SXSWedu session on design.  This is also a timed typing response, so I will have to be short.  

Our team wanted to offer a concept that both allowed for "daily" interaction that simultaneously  the concept of "making."  Fundamentally, we are basing this suggestion with the long range goal of student voice, choice, co-creative elements to increase success.  

What we are suggesting is a project that has five basic components:

1) Time: setting aside time for actually "making."  This is up to user discretion, but it might be weekly.  

2) Space: setting aside space for creation and materials collection.  The bucket, which would be quite large, could be a place where students are challenged to deposit materials that they feel would be handy for future making activities.  You will see in the image an example of a bucket filled with Rando Calrissian stuff.

3) Know-how: having processes,  protocols, and relevant expectations that are very transparent, consistent, and easily monitored would be key.  It would help with the ambient accountability necessary for keeping the program equitable and also for avoiding having students leave perishables or other smell-generating items in the bucket. 

4) Models: Building momentum in this process would be key.  Keeping exemplars and modeling the process will spread the love for the plan.  

5) Questions: We anticipate supporting learning with pre-scripted questions & problems to solve, with the longer range goal of release of question generation to students.  

Of course, we acknowledge that this is just an idea based on very little background, we would actually like to do more empathy work around our prototype.


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