Creating Our Makerspace

Pontiac Elementary introduced a Makerspace program collaboratively with our Global Arts Team; music, art, media, PE and computer.

Photo of PES Makerspace, The Parrots' Point, by: Laural McLean
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As I reflect on the contribution showcasing PES' Makerspace cubicles, this project preceded our launch of recycled material robots, and we needed a place to house our robotic friends.  These two projects were  in midst of a South Carolina one hundred year flood.  As a community we were targeted hugely.   Ironically,  this provided a grand teaching opportunity to inspire and focus on community, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

Once we returned to school after weeks of absence and late starts, numerous students had passed the time making recycled robots at home.  Therefore, we not only needed space to house our friends from school, but also our friends from home.


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