Creating Our Makerspace

Pontiac Elementary introduced a Makerspace program collaboratively with our Global Arts Team; music, art, media, PE and computer.

Photo of PES Makerspace, The Parrots' Point, by: Laural McLean
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Launching our Makerspace program this school year, we began from the ground and had nowhere to go but up!  Discovering a need for cubicles and PES being a Green Steps School, we researched uses/ideas for recycled cardboard.  Stumbling upon, we were inspired! Approximately 500 K-5th graders and I adventitiously constructed cubicles for our classroom/space!

By involving the students in this project created an opportunity for kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning; as well as witnessing school/community wide collaboration.  In order to successfully complete the cubicle challenge, it called for numerous cardboard boxes donated by all!  This painted a "big picture" of our school's Global Arts rotation of thirty one classes and over five hundred students.  Each class decorated a plastic bin for their particular cubicle.  Allowing students to design, build and create their own space presented a sense of pride in this "big picture."



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