Community Maker Mobile

Maker Mobile inspires students of local community centers to explore making inside their communities and journey beyond it.

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The Community Maker Mobile arrives at a local Recreation Center each week to offer children opportunities to notice the neighborhoods that surround them and think of Design Solutions to improve their communities. Filled with hands on materials with which to create, they join Design Teams to tackle interesting problems.

As mentors are brought into projects, students get to work beside these mentors to iterate together. Students are then invited to jump on board to visit other professional makers in their work spaces and broaden their own definition of community. 


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There's no where to g in my community growing up to think outside the box and want to make change. God just chose me and I seen some things in my community that just was not just and fair. Treated differently because of race in Criminal Justice , courts by cops and I knew my children needed more from the community they also would have to grow up in. All kids needed this to change for future generations. I dreamed and created Victims of the System. We the people want change as a whole. May God Bless

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