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Regular standup sessions to help students manage their projects

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This idea adapts the idea of an agile standup session for students in a classroom. 

The standup could be held throughout the day, with a few students at a time (3-5) reporting, though all students will add post-its for next steps or things they need help for etc.

To make this managable  students would self-select by gathering behind or on spots on the floor. For example blue questions marks for "I need feedback", red crosses for "I'm really stuck". Post-its would correspond to these, so even if not all students are heard in a single session, the teacher still has an indication of how they are doing.

Students would peer-award (and make) badges to give to each other. For example: a borrower-badge to give to a students that you borrowed an idea of. A thank-you badge to give to someone who helped you.

Having a regular standup session, maybe a few times a day, can help students:

- take risks

- build on ideas

- become critical friends and thinkers

- give and receive praise and celebrate

- spark curiosity

- peer-award badges


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This idea also provides a space for student ownership, student empowerment, and learning from each other. It ritualizes the process of learning that we can all learn from each other and shows of  the learning process (students at different stages, celebrating successes, reflecting, and moving forward).

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