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Art teachers came together for a PD and got to make together. Group work, communication, paper, scissors and tape.

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As a visual arts teacher, I have the privilege to encourage making every day.  But, every now and then it is important to put myself in my students' shoes.  I recently took a day off to attend a professional development session for arts teacher.  We worked in groups and were challenged to create 3-dimensional piece using various kinds of paper manipulations (fold, cut, bend, etc).  One of us was the group observer, the other 3 of us worked together to come up with our creative solution in our 20 minute time frame.  It was great fun to ask each other questions, brainstorm ideas, feel that we were contributing to a creation, and simply make.

As I worked, I thought about some of the things that my students probably think while they are making:

Am I doing this right?  Am I going to have to share my work with others?  We don't have enough time!  I don't feel like making right now.  Do I have to?  I don't really like this idea.  I'm tired.  I'm annoyed I have to work with this person.  Cool idea!  Yes, and...  We are actually getting along right now.  Oh, they liked my idea!  I don't think that's going to work.  That didn't work!  What's the point?  


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