What is Maker?

We learned that the term "maker" can mean a wide variety of things and defining what it means is a necessary prerequisite.

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So true Dan, and that definition can be a distinctly personal and variable thing!!!

So Dan how would you define it? 
How would upside down Molly define it? ;-)

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I've been conditioned to view it more narrowly as a maker space idea where students can get hands on experience with primarily technological object. They can create and explore with tangible items and sometimes end up creating some object or device. I tend to like the broader definition that says any creating is making, whether that be writing a poem or essay, making a PowerPoint presentation, building a birdhouse or programming a computer.
Our coversation began with "is focusing on maker spaces and making a good idea?" The narrow view described about can be very expensive and is it worth the money? Is what is being pushed aside to make room for making an acceptable trade off. In order to answer these questions and have a useful discussion though, "maker"must be defined.

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I too prefer your broader definition. Making is not a thing that happens in a specific place. Making is a mindset that establishes that the entire world around us is malleable.  Everything we touch was designed (made) by someone. Every system we interact within was designed (made) by someone. These were intentional acts, and we do not have to accept that we are passive players content with simply "using" or "adhering" to these things. If we see ourselves as "makers" in every context -  the expectation is that we can change anything, shape anything, and create anything with intentionality and purpose!

So 3D printers and chop saws are great.
But an intentional and purposeful way to think is better.

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