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One student wanted to learn how to use the 3D printer...he learned and brought friends.

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In the spirit of wanting students to build agency and take ownership of their space, the 3d printers were place in a busy corridor. One student walked by and asked "Can anyone use those?" Shortly thereafter one of my students taught him the basics. He had a successful print, and came back after lunch with 3 friends. Before long, the printers were busy enough that another student wanted to learn to use the vinyl cutter so that they could create wall clings to track when prints will be finished. Soon, vinyl stickers started popping up in various places. 

From my observation, I noticed a different sense of ownership and permission when students taught each other. HMW make that a regular part of our day in schools?


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What a great idea! A 3D printer in a hallway? Did students use their own devices to connect to the printer or a device at the printer?

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