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We hosted our 3rd Maker: Dine and Design event last night. For an in depth look at the spirit of these events check out this blog post. However, I wanted to highlight the most recent event as a moment that I felt immersed in making. As a co-facilitator of past events, I sometimes miss out on the maker activity itself. Last night was different. As a group we headed to the art room to learn ceramics. I had never thrown a pot on the wheel before and it was immensely satisfying to pull something out a piece of clay that previously had no form. The night was extra special because of the diverse mix of attendees. We had faculty, spouses, students, "littles", and even a prospective student and father. All were drawn in to the activity by the testimonial of 3 students who kicked off the evening by describing their experience with ceramics from newbie to "journeyman". The program for the evening was very free-flowing which led to a relaxing and creative vibe. It was especially cool to see the various teachers in the the room - sometimes our expert in residence Hank, sometimes a student journeyman, sometimes the person standing next to you. We were all compelled to make and at once teachers and students.

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T.J. my favorite part of your story was the part about making and once becoming both teachers and students. I wonder how powerful the learning experience would be if that happened everyday for both the teachers and students in every classroom?