Hotel Lobby Inspiration

If my classroom functioned as a hotel lobby it would be loud yet serene; organized yet chaotic. Perfect.

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Lobbies have designated spaces, places to take shelter and temporarily rest, maps and interactive schedules, open spaces to freely move. Lobbies are where lots of people have to get things done and plan their own lives among large groups of other people they don't always know well. This is just like the classroom we teach in. Most people are carrying  their belongings. The tables are  small and tall for people to stand and place small objects on. Most are holding their materials in a tote. Most comfy quiet seating is in the outlying space. There is a computer station for people who need  to work on things. In the center of the space is nothing. It's walking, chatting, discussing space. If our classroom was organized like a hotel lobby with less desks  we might have more serene spaces. 

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I love this. I would also add that coffee shops are great learning spaces. Different furniture arrangement no doubt but similar situation in that people are pursuing their own interests with devices and without, with partners and without.