Creating Academic/Cognitive Success for Students

Designing lessons that recognize the diverse backgrounds and skill levels of students and provide opportunities for all students to succeed.

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There are limitations in each and every classroom, whether they be curriculum constraints, disparities of students skills, etc. As a teacher, my goal is to ensure that students leave my classroom more optimistic and hopeful regarding their abilities to succeed in the future. One of the ways I can promote this shift in thinking for my students is to provide situations that increase the likelihood of student success while still challenging them at the appropriate level.

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Kyle, I love your optimism and desire to positively impact the mindsets of your students. Ultimately achieving incredible success!!!!!

I have a question for you however:

Do you think it is possible to help a student reach success while allowing them to fail along the way? Sometimes a challenge that is intentionally a little to hard, or sometimes even intended for failure, can teach us the most valuable lessons.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how we might balance success and failure to make better learners along the way?