The Rigged Slot Machine

Unconference your district, school, and classroom by encouraging creativity and a maker like attitude and approach.

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We start by hosting an unconference at the school for administrators, teachers, parents and students by asking the question "What do you feel like learning if you can learn anything right now?".

This will help us drill down to the maker attitude in the classroom.  Specifically we want to target project based learning that takes teachers out of creating the driving questions.  The rigged slot machine is a software with learning analytics where each student has a profile. In the profile, they enter what they want to learn.  They are grouped with other students who also want to learn about that topic.  The slot machine is pulled so students are relocated to another room to get them out of their comfort zone.  The second time it is pulled, two students are disrupted into a room that they didn't choose initially.  

Why?  Students will talk to different groups and students about similar topics and engage and connect with each other on deep levels.

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