Students Self-Reporting Formative Data

Students input their scores from practice exercises into a google sheet, helping both teacher and student monitor progress.

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Students at Leadership Public Schools use a variety of programs to practice certain math skills each day. Logging in to each of these programs to monitor programs of multiple classes of students is far too time consuming and hard to manage. By creating a simple spreadsheet where students can view their next learning activity and input their performance scores, teachers are able to view each student's progress in a single, easy to read spreadsheet. 

Having students input their results creates data that is easier and quicker to access and provides an opportunity for more student ownership of their results. In a few rare instances the data the student inputs does not correlate with their knowledge of that skill, but this is easier to determine by quick teacher check-ins (or more formal 1:1 conferencing), as well as more formal assessments that happen about weekly.

An example of the google spreadsheet used at LPS can be found here, though teachers are now using the Gooru Learning Navigator as a more formalized (and free) system.


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I love the comprehensiveness of the Google Sheet. I also like the student agency that makes scores a step and not the endpoint, as well as, a chance for reflection. I'm a spreadsheet jockey, but I would have liked a web interface.

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Hi John,
I'm glad you liked the google sheet. Michael, who created the original sheets, also worked with Gooru to turn it into a web interface. If you go to you'll be able to create a free account and use their Learning Navigator.

The Learning Navigator also has a large library of different classes you can access, including the one that the original google sheets were built for, Navigate Mate:

I hope this helps,

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