Student Data Binders

Personalized data binders allow students to track what level and amount of progress made in all academic areas and technology programs.

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Personalized data binders have transformed the way students use and interpret data in our Second grade classroom. At the beginning of the year each student got a copy of the data folder template and 3 hole punched the document into a binder. We slowly went through each section, making sure students understood what each page meant and how they would personalize it to their needs. We decorated and incorporated student interest to get initial buy in. After introducing each tracking page (like behavior, goals and technology programs), students started carrying their binder with them to every class. They fill out a goal page at the beginning of the week to try and set something to work towards and achieve by the end of the week. These goals can be related to behavior, technology programs or other academic tasks (sight words, etc). Students also mark their program data every day after Reading and Math blocks. They are coloring in a level as they pass one on ST Math and LEXIA. They also put their completed level certificates in their data binders to motivate them and encourage confidence. Our team has added other assessments like sight words, DIBELs and Dojo points. We are planning on using these binders to guide our conversations during Quarter 1 conferences. Students have really taken ownership of their own learning at such a young age. I know that they truly understand what level they are performing at and are setting goals to end the year on or above grade level. 

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Here is the general template we used to get started. We edited the documents to best fit our assessments and technology program data collected. Each student gets one copy of the packet and colors in and personalizes based on their level and progress made.


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