Personalized, Data-Based Choices in Literacy and Math

Students could make personalized learning plans or "menus" made up of various learning activities which are aligned to their personal goals

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Here is a kindergarten example.  The teacher can conference with each student in a "Friday Feedback" meeting.  They can discuss the student's goals, the progress they've made, and then make a menu with tiles unique to that learner, based on what they need.  During literacy or math time, rather than rotating through stations, the students can choose activities from their menu while teachers work with small groups.

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This is awesome! Thanks for taking a leap of faith and sharing your first contribution on The Guild. I LOVE this example - especially that it's pertinent to younger grades.

What would be really interesting to see is how you ask questions or what sort of scaffolding you provide to support students to pick out what they want to talk about.

Have you created any supporting materials around this?

Thanks Jessica!