Hybrid Spanish 1&2

Students learn from each other as they collaborate and problem solve how to communicate in Spanish.

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Students help each other learn, solve issues, communicate, correct mistakes in assessments, re-learn, and create projects for real world application for the use of Spanish.

We use several resources or activities to encourage collaboration: Padlet is a good way for a silent conversation, where peers communicate answer each others questions, clarify doubts and help others with their next steps.

Also we do spontaneous conversations with real world scenarios (only speak Spanish) are prompted for students to get more comfortable in developing their speaking skill. Little by little they feel more comfortable in speaking and find they do know more words to express their ideas. 

At the end of the unit students participate in performance tasks (mixed groups) that allow for cross class collaboration using what they have learned to produce a real world  applicable product, peers evaluate each other using a rubric and or check list. 


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