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Use online forms to collect data from a number of different stakeholders and present the data around growth, and student to classroom maste

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I have been using Google forms to collect data on my students writing as measured by the Teacher's College Readers and Writer's Project. By using standard forms for my assessment, my students self assessment, and peer assessment (and in the future, parent, and support teacher assessment) all the data can be compiled in one place. Since the learning progressions are cross unit, over the course of the year students can watch their progress. We can quickly show whole class areas for growth so students understand why we are focusing on particular areas of our writing in our whole class lessons. Maybe one day I can build a campus wide practice so students can track their learning over the course of their three years at MS.

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Hi XanderChristopher

I like the idea of having some continuity to this, so that students will be able to track their progress over a 3 year period. How has your idea been received by other teachers in your department, or do you still need to present this to them? What would it take to build this campus wide version?