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Students are provided adequate, differentiated learning opportunities within a lesson to show mastery at their own pace.

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Students are given a packet (could be made digital!) that allows students to drop themselves into whatever learning target within a unit they need in that moment. The packet provides links to digital resources as well as self-assessment opportunities, and as students collaborate on this work the teacher can pull small groups based on daily exit ticket data. Students can work at their own pace and learn either through digital media created on PlayPosit or Educreations, printed notes, or teacher-led small-group lessons.


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I Love this idea! I'm curious about the daily exit ticket. If students are working at their own pace then what do you use to Check for understanding throughout the lesson and at the conclusion of the work time. Also, how is this information tracked and are students aware of how to use this feedback to make their work better the next day.

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Thanks, Maria! I generally made answer keys available for small checks along the way so students could check their own progress. These generally were used periodically and not on a daily basis, but I would've loved to do them more often!

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