Checklist-Style Project Goals

Students make their way through a training process towards a final goal using a checklist

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In our class we are being trained as Restorative Mediators.  The final test is to run a mock-mediation with other students.  They build their communication skills throughout the month, and then demonstrate the skills in different ways.  Each time they demonstrate a skill, they get a checkmark or stamp on their rubric, which is stapled to the outside of their personalized folder, which holds all of their work.  This way they have ownership over all their work like a portfolio, and can provide evidence that they possess each skill.  This helps them take control over their progress in the class and they know when they fall behind.


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Just a thought. Consider replacing the smiley faces. A frown doesn't really express the spirit of being in progress. Seems discouraging and negative and only seems to reward finishing, not the process of struggling and the journey?

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Yes I completely agree with your Growth Mindset! This was just an example from the internet, not the one I use. Thanks for clarifying.