Authentic Problem Solving

Instead of focusing on all the things we think kids need to learn, let's help them find authentic problems around the world to help solve.

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All too often we see kids as problems that need to be solved rather than people who can solve problems. Not only has technology in education changed the way that students can learn skills and information, it has also changed the types of problems that they are able to help solve. 

I have presented on this topic around the world in a session called "21st Century Problems", and I have developed a design thinking protocol to help educators identify what sorts of problems and role-plays align with the topics and skills that they are mandated to teach (see attachment). I would love to continue this conversation with other educators in order to make education more meaningful, engaging, and relevant for kids.

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Are you familiar with this -

We are trying it for the first time this year (the first year of our school). It's a challenge. Does it seem relevant to what you're doing?