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Shadowing a student on the first day of school blew me away!!

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So, because school started the weekend before our training call, I did get nervous about doing this assignment correctly.  After viewing the "shadow"option, I decided to shadow a student on the first day of school.  I was totally expecting to be full of a day of inspiration, motivation, and clear goals.  I was hoping that teachers would take full advantage of the "first day of school spirit" and set a positive tone for the rest of the year.  When the day arrived to shadow a former student that was a senior in H.S, I was totally shocked at what occurs on the first day of school.  First off, the senior's day ended at 1pm.  Seniors are allowed to have a lighter schedule because of credit fulfillment to graduate is met.  I was so upset that here we have a young adult in HS with the opportunity to truly get a learning experience leaving school early because he has more than enough credit.  The school sort of puts out a "if you dont need to be here, go home" attitude!!!

His first day, period after period, had no excitement whats so ever! Same repetitive thing, class after class.  NO inspiration! NO Motivation! No clear expectations!  Just rules, rules rules! I can totally understand why students can be disinterested!  I was expecting teachers trying to set a great positive tone of motivation and saw very little to none of this.  This experience challenged my entire perspective on the first day of school!!!

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TEachers need to utilize their time from beginning to end!


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I was still thinking about this a week later and explaining to someone that I had read a really interesting post about the first day of school. Finally I realized where I had seen it.
While searching for your post I found the article on the first two weeks of school which I also posted about.
Putting together your comments and this article makes me realize that we are wasting such an important opportunity to create community, motivation and mutual respect.

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Thank you Gaynor Brown  for the article....enjoyed it!!! It will also be very helpful for a little idea for a project looming in my head! Thank you again !!

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