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This POV statement explores the relationship between technology and students driving their own learning.

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Living in the Silicon Valley, I'm constantly thinking about the relationship between technology and student learning.  There was an article about personalized learning recently published on Business Insider that inspired this Point of View Statement. Here is a link to the article.  This is the Point of View Statement that was inspired by the article:  I read the article "A Study of 36,000 students just backed Bill Gates' favorite style of education" published by Business Insider.  It led me to think about the ways I might help students who might not have equal access to the technological tools referenced in the article to use available resources in a way that makes them feel included and charged so they can become drivers (rather than passengers) in their learning journey. 


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Your POV statement reminded me of a Design Thinking course I took online. You may want students to try empathy mapping.


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John Faig  Such an awesome resource! Thanks John!