Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) a collective of high schools trying to develop & disseminate an alternate model of transcript generation

The MTC hopes to change the relationship between preparation for college and college admissions for the betterment of students.

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from the website:

This MTC model is substantively different from the traditional model of assessment that is typically organized around content oriented courses, Carnegie units for credit and grades. The Mastery Transcript model is organized around performance areas (rather than academic departments), mastery standards and micro-credits (rather than grades). Each micro-credit applied to a transcript signifies complete mastery of a specific skill, knowledge block or habit of mind as defined by the crediting high school.

The MTC schools are supported by a technology platform that allows the complete record of a student’s credits, submitted evidence and institutional standards to be submitted to college admission offices for evaluation.

This electronic Mastery Transcript allows college admission officers to dive deep within a transcript to see the specific standards of the sending high school and actual evidence of student work and mastery, thus giving depth and transparency to the student’s work record.

The initial formation of the MTC hopes to use the collective influence, access and flexibility of established independent schools to change the college preparation model for all high schools…not just private schools. However, we are starting with just independent schools to minimize complication and get a proof of concept built to enable all schools.


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Paul -- it's great to see new models of mastery that is building bridges across the K-16+. It makes me think about how we can celebrate and showcase performance in elementary, middle and high school as students prepare for college and career. Thanks for sharing! Hope the start of the school year is going well!!

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