Empathy Game

Expose students to different situations to build empathy

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My idea is to create different scenarios using the game of Clue as a model.  Instead of Mr. Green in the library with the wrench.  My cards would have people, situations, and setting.  For example, an older woman (person) at the mall (setting), gossiping (situation).   The person would include socio-economic information and teachers and students could create their own.  The setting is relevant because you can explore the same person and situation in different settings to explore expectations and appropriateness.  The situation is what is happening and can include common occurrences from school or media.  Examples include bullying, stealing, lying, etc.


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John this is so creative! Great idea! Have you tried it out yet in the classroom? I would love to know how it went or what your student's experience was with it. I hope you'll continue to build on this idea in the next phase (Ideate!).

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