Creating Student-Centered Learning Environments to Promote Learner Agency

Teachers at AOS #94 (Maine) have worked on creating a shared vision on student-centered learning. Here's some of their work.

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To create student-centered learning environments that promote learner agency (autonomy, choice, voice, etc), two groups of voices need to be heard: the students AND the teachers. Having a common understanding and vision of what student-centered/student-driven learning looks, feels, and acts like is critically important for the educators as well as the students. Providing models and opportunities for the educators to feel what it is like to be in a student-centered/student-driven environment provides an empathy-fueled opportunity to be taken to the classroom and be modeled.

I wrote a blog article about it back in July, and you can read it here:


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Matthew! I love this! Ideate opens tomorrow - I feel like you will blow our minds with one of your classic all star ideas. So good to see you back in here.

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