Empathy Interview

Uncover insights by interviewing a student, colleague, parent or administrator.


Get started

  • Find someone to interview. It can be a student, parent, colleague or community member. 
  • Set aside 30 min to 1hr. Set aside at least one hour with your interviewee. 
  • Ask why. Asking why uncovers deeper understanding
  • Stay neutral. Avoid correcting or offering up too much for you own story. 
  • Solicit stories. "Tell me the last time you..." 
  • Sit with silence. Allow for wait time to give your interviewee room to think. 

Tips for sharing

  • Use Storycorps. Download it on your phone and walk through their set-up process. When done recording, copy the link and post it into the Empathize phase.
  • Share Direct Quotes. Record your interview using your phone. Afterwards, create a post that includes direct quotes and your insights gained from them. 
  • Take Photos: One artifact photo, one portrait photo, or one environment photo can help bring interview to life for new audiences. Make sure to get everyone’s permission.

Need a great example

  • Check out Meredith's empathy interview here

Have questions? 

  • Meet Alysha. Former teacher, current Community Designer with The Guild! 

Empathy Activities

Activities to build understanding for students and their needs.

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