Shadow a Student

Experience school in a new way by shadowing a student.


Get Started

  • Plan your observation. Ask a students if you can shadow them. Share your goals and plan to carve out at least one hour. 
  • Observe with care. You are shadowing so you can learn how it feels to be a student. Make sure you let your student know you are there to learn, not to keep an eye on them 
  • See challenges as opportunities. Look for moments of struggle or discomfort. Reframe them as opportunities for creativity. 

Tips for Sharing

  • Take photos.One artifact photo, one portrait photo, or one environment photo can help bring interview to life for new audiences. Make sure to get everyone’s permission.
  • Build in reflection time. How did it feel to be an student? What were the best moments? What were the most challenging? 

Have questions? 

  • Meet Alysha. Former teacher, current Community Designer with The Guild! 

Empathy Activities

Activities to build understanding for students and their needs.

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