Student Wonderings Shared through FlipGrid

Students wonder about many things about the world. This project gave them the chance to figure out some of those answers.

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This activity started after a few tangent discussions during science.  The students had some science questions that weren't directly related to what we were studying at the time.  So I took note of them and wrote them on the board to return to later.  

Next, I found time during the next week for the students to brainstorm more questions they had about the world.  "Any topic," I told them.  I created a Padlet for them to brainstorm online where I wouldn't lose post its and they didn't need to crowd around one poster to write.  This was they were able to go back to it later and also see all of their classmates' wonderings and questions.  The questions hit on all genres of study; some historical, some scientific, some political, some science-fiction, and just based on social interactions.  

The students then had to pick one and research it to "find" the answer.  A few of the questions the student's felt could not be answered easily so they just wanted more information about the topic.

Once they felt they had a good amount of notes, they made FlipGrid videos to share what they learned with the class. 

They students were about to choose their topics, their mode of note taking and research. And ultimately had to make a video to share the information with their peers.  Each student picked a questions that met their own knowledge base and learning style.  They also were able to work in pairs for those who need a little more assistance.  In the end the students all had a blast and can't wait to research their own wondering another time too.


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