Self Motivated Learners

Students decide what to do and when to do it to accomplish their goals.

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Students started with basic "check off sheets" to hold themselves accountable.  It then moved to "To Do lists" that were written on the board based on groups of students' needs. This was still not involving choice but it allowed students to go at their own pace. The next step was for me to involve students in their learning path and I started learner profiles. The learner profiles have student goals (Academic and behavior for some), likes, ways they like to learn, their favorites, pictures, work samples etc... They add to their profiles every few days with me. I have pushed a few out onto their google drives and they can now add to their profiles on their own. When they pass reading levels, math goals or anything they find exciting they can add it to their profile.  I am in the process of creating weekly work goals.  It has the work that I need them to independently do for the week to reach their goals. The students are very involved in creating their weekly work.  They choose the materials for sight word practice, they choose read books or e-books, they choose as much as possible. They choose what to do each day and when (They still meet with me for guided learning). They also choose where to sit. I have embraced flexible seating in my classroom and the students make good choices about where/how to sit.  All of these things have increased motivation in the room as well as created a culture of trying, and helping one another.  Everyone if working on different things at different times. It is working well. 


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