Don't Say No

Re-think the teacher-student relationship

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Traditionally, the student teacher relationship is that of the the knowledge holder versus the receiver. Think about not saying 'no' (but not necessarily saying 'yes!') to student ideas around passion projects or independent projects.  By not saying 'no' we let students figure out what mistakes they might make and what successes may lay ahead.  Allowing students to pursue ideas that you might not love or you may not have designed creates a relationship between you and the student that empowers them and allows them to feel validated as a creative thinker. Implementing a rubric or measure of rigor to calibrate their thinking may be a good idea in the beginning stages. 


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Yes - like Emma, I'm wondering if you've tried this yet. Also, how are you balancing the desire to say yes to student ideas with the curriculum goals? I'd like to hear how to create that balance.

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