Discovering values through personalized infographics

Identify and share values to build a stronger community and help recognize unconscious bias.

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A safe and inclusive classroom builds an environment where students feel comfortable taking risks. In order to do this, students need to spend time collaborating and getting to know each other. 

This activity can be used in the first few weeks of school or embedded into a lesson. For instance, after learning about an inspirational hero/herione, students identify what he/she values, then identify their own values. 

To begin, have students take "Choices and Values" survey. After students have identified their top values, present the Personal Values Infographic project.  Students may present infographics to the entire class or in small groups and complete the Common Values Share Out.


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I used a Google Presentation with a common template and each student had their own slide. They responded to prompts and students quickly learned interesting things about each other. I can envision a second Google Presentation where students keep personal versions that may contain things they don;t want others to know about (could be shared with teacher only).

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Samantha McMillan  Hey Samantha! I remember seeing the visuals from this in the background while we were chatting. Thank you for sharing here! I love the chance for students to share what their values are in the beginning of the year. It creates a powerful opportunity to identify what might inspire and motivate student learning throughout the year. I'm wondering how you revisit this at various points during the year? Have you noticed that students' values shift at different points during the year? I'm also curious if you complete one as well and share with your students. It would be pretty cool to see how that can establish some trust between teachers and students also. Thank you for also including the Google Docs and making this so user friendly for other teachers who might want to try it out! :-)