Work-in-Progress Wall

Dedicate a wall for students to show their learning, creations and work. Then step back for group feedback and reflection.

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I think we should stop pushing information at our students via bulletin boards and posters. Give them the walls so they can show their learning, ideas and get feedback to develop their works in progress.  

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Great idea, Rebecca! Your post reminds me a lot of Becka's post, Living Walls, which aims to make the learning process visual and alive, and use classroom displays to encourage collaboration. You should reach out to Becka, I'd love to see what kind of classroom wall experience you might imagine together.

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I had not found Becka's post! Thanks! I will. I love the name "Living Walls." Really beautiful.

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I just replied to your comment on my post, I'm glad you pitched this in the ideate phase as I had got caught up in the beginning of term madness! I would love to team up and work together, if you like? The walls in my original post have now taken on a new look/phase that I'd be happy to share :)

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Absolutely Becka! Please share your ideas and I will share how my new walls are progressing. This would be a lovely collaboration!

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