We know what, the big question is how

I believe that there is a lot of research that clearly points us toward what to do in schools, our barrier is not what but how.

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Our schools exist as they are; culture, teachers, students, parents.  Our task is to re-build them while we are in them.  We have rules and routines all around us.  Our building confine us as much as the existing paradigms.  It is clear to me that we must implement the ideas presented in this guild - they are research based from many different disciplines. Our students require Google/FedEx time, they need to be collaborative, innovative problem finders and problem solvers, they need to know and learn the basics of math, language, science, social studies, the various arts and technology.  How can we leverage the change our students need give our current constraints?  The children themselves have beliefs about school which are ingrained by 2nd grade.  So how do we create this new order from our old order while inhabiting the old order day in and day out.  I think these are some of the things we can do;

Modelling by leaders,

clear communication of vision

examples of the new order and its success

access to resources

developing a collective will to change

using our budgets wisely to support our vision of change

starting with activities which embody the future but are easy to implement such as genius time

Giving value and air time to authentic student voices

Providing local professional development which values the ideas and skills of our current work force but scaffolds towards a new belief system that puts student thinking at the centre of the classroom


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Jane, the article is inspiring and creates an urgency for some change today as opposed o waiting for tomorrow. I have inspired by Dr. David Helfand, who founded Quest University. Talk about someone who is actually doing something diff - The HOW. I have out down one of his idea in the short article - Only One Project, One Subject every week. https://goo.gl/Pc4mwR
I also have links to Dr. David's talk for you to get a better prospective on the same. Love to hear what you think and how might we try some changes at schools and classrooms.

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