Roles Responsibilities & Team Worksheets

Team Project Worksheets that bring clarity to both children and teachers.

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Assigning roles to children not only gives them a sense of ownership but also does gives them clarity into how each member is important in a team. We have seen that this has helped the children to explore things together as a team.

We also incorporated and encouraged teams to document and share their learning in what we called the 3 Golden Nuggets of Learning

1. What went wrong?

2. What went right?

3. What we learned.

What was interesting was how children at first were very uncomfortable writing what went wrong. In fact one team wrote what went wrong and erased it before they presented it. Once they saw failure as a repeated patten and something we all talked openly. They got very comfortable with the idea and were asking for more papers to fill out their findings. 

Attached a PDF version of the files. Feel free to use and or modify. 


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I like the idea of a daily worksheet like the one you proposed. Reviewing a packet that describes the process after the design has been completed does not provide feedback when it is needed. I would add a fourth column: What I need to learn - here is where students will ask the questions and want to know the answers to improve their design. The real trick here is developing a design project that ignites the inquiry you are "teaching" in your unit/lesson. This can be tied to how the student managed their "failure" and how additional knowledge improves innovation.

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Fantastic idea, Niranjan; thanks for sharing it! I love the outline of the worksheet and the questions it asks. Let's now think about how we can build out the framework a little more, concentrating on the effect that these questions have on shaping an innovative culture. The prototypes you've built are awesome, and I can't wait to give them a try!

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Hi again Niranjan - Love these project collaboration sheets. This actually makes me think about Moss' post -

.. similar idea of using a sheet to help guide collaboration. What do you think about potentially teaming up?

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Emma, I would love to team up to share and grow. Do let me know the next steps.

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I would suggest reaching out to Moss directly on his profile! I think he'd be psyched to team up with you!

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Love the teamwork! :)