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Inspiration - Designing a university for the new millennium: David Helfand

David Helfand's, inspiring talk is must for anyone who is looking to change the current education system. Of the many flaws in the the current system he humorously shines light on, one the the simple big idea of the he calls - "the system of multi-tasking." Dr. David shares how at Quest University, Students take classes in series rather than in parallel (blocks). The Tutors (as he calls them) and the students work together for one month at a time. Taking inspiration from, I suggest

Idea - Only One Project - One Subject - Every Week/2Weeks/Month

Potential Impact:

- Students and Teachers get to do deeper learning projects

- Students have uninterrupted time on each subject 

- Teachers can get to give full attention to the class for a week on a row. 

- This allows for innovation on both the teacher and student side. As they now both have plenty of time to explore.

Teachers, Educators. What do you think of this idea?

How could something like this be pitched to the principal?

What do you see are some of the hurdles?

Interestingly here are some of the comments posted for Dr. Helfands talk:

Tiffastic Nguyen -  7 months ago (edited)
Bravo for one class at a time method.  I learn best and at my deepest level of enjoyment and understanding when I focus on only one subject at a time because what I study can be nourished in my memory rather then being quickly replaced by a new subject, which is then overwhelmingly replaced with another new subject, until I don't really know anything at all.  I truly hope we adopt the one class at a time method as a nation.

Jeffrey Robertson - 2 months ago
What a great concept!  Several of my kids went to a college that began like this one, and they loved it.  Unfortunately, that school morphed into something else entirely, so it is good to know there is another school available for my younger children.

Robert Aldridge -  1 year ago
I have visited QUEST, I have seen it, I have spoken to it's students and faculty and I totally get this place. It is awesome and I recommend it to any student who wishes to question and to understand. To any student who has a real passion and wishes to pursue it. I wish, wish, wish this model had been available to me when I went through my UG education.

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This is a very interesting idea, Niranjan! I might build upon it.