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A "hodgepodge" of suggestions for teachers, parents, students.

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Teachers-make participation in a collaborative innovation endeavor mandatory or count toward any required State Teacher Certification Continuing Education credits or internal Professional Development

-pair with a “buddy teacher” to meet with on a regular basis (for example, once bi-weekly for an hour) to share ideas, successes, failures etc.

-establish online searchable database of inspirations and ideas which teachers could easily and quickly post to, peruse, and search (in addition to Carolyn’s wonderful idea of an  “Innovation Wall” and digital scrapbook)

-intentionally solicit ideas from non-teachers encountered in daily life about what they remember about their school experience and how they would change it, and how they are innovating in their own fields

-broaden student feedback initiatives (such as Emma’s great “sandbox innovation elective” idea): online surveys, interviews

-before turning to grading work, routine preparations for class, etc. apply a version of the “pay yourself first saving rule” toward innovation efforts; spend a least fifteen minutes prior to any of those endeavors by consciously seeking to broaden your outlook through resources like those suggested in the “Discover” phase

Parents-reach out to them more for special skills, interests etc. outside normal “scope” of curriculum that they (or they with their child) could share with class, aim for at least once a quarter to come in for hour or so, incorporate inquiry or problem solving project as part of. For example: many of my second graders were interested in video games and computer coding, had a parent with background in this come in and talk to about, then explored designing own video game.

Students-formally incorporate Google’s 20% (or some alternate respected percentage) time to work on projects completely of their own choice (even with structure and guidance had trouble implementing with my second graders last year mainly because of the difficulty of many to come up with a subject/idea/project/endeavor they were passionate about! But I want to modify and try again this year).


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Excellent ideas, Daria! Any one of them can be taken in some rather exciting directions! Your first idea, the "buddy teacher" program, fascinates me and is similar to Erin's idea "Buddy Up!" (see link below). How might a program like this work, and what would you need to get it started? Could it be done virtually, in addition to in person? Perhaps you an Erin could "buddy up" to chat over the idea.

I'm also very interested in the "non-teacher interview" idea and wonder how that might look. What questions could we ask, and how would we share the feedback within our community? I think we could test this one relatively easily and build from there!

Buddy Up!: https://teachersguild.org/challenge/how-might-we-create-rituals-and-routines-that-establish-a-culture-of-innovation-in-our-classrooms-and-schools/ideas/buddy-up

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