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Idea - How about creating a Local Teachers Guild for educators and people interested in education to come together, Share ideas, enhance user skills, continue dialog among members and vendors, and help influence the direction of education/teaching related practices, products and services.

Potential Impact:

- Shared Knowledge / Best Practices

- Collaboration

- Innovation

- Recognition

Challenges I have seen in education field - So HWM

- Teachers are Less motivated to collaborate (Teachers Guild is an exception, reading from most contributors, hopefully we can agree. I have tried starting a user group in Hyderabad, India and found this to be the same - very less response. In spite me offering free membership, free tea and snacks - once a month and paying for online Ning community (Called Teashare - In short for teacher sharing) membership on my dime - it was a failure. I am not giving up here, but I am trying to learn from it)

How might we motivate Teachers to come forward join Local Teachers GUILD and collaborate.

1. Initially keep it simple - Less rules for members. I was part of Oregon Entrepreneur Network and loved how they did it.

2. Have Periodic Talks and Seminars - Pub Talks + 5 Min Idea Time, etc.

3. Make it fun - Have the meeting in different creative places - Pubs, Parks, Children's Museums, Science Museums, Google, Theme parks, Broadway, just a few I could think of. Feel free to add to this list

4. Separate meetups for teachers, administrators and management - Administrator and management/principal participating meeting should be different. I have seen that teachers feel very uncomfortable when their management is around.

5. "How Might I" session- where teachers can anonymously post their challenges in anonymity and in advance and a panel of senior experts answer these questions on stage.

6. Rewards & Recognition - We should recognize and celebrate teachers within the community. We should give out awards, that celebrate innovation like "New Thinker Awards". We could have a rolling purple cap award.

Make teachers feel special in the community - Simple ideas - Balloons in front of the house with a signboard saying - "Lucky Neighbors - A Teacher with a New Thinking - lives here"

7. PARTY - At least once a yr a great party for the teachers in the community is a well deserved celebration. I think it should be sponsored by the community as a BIG THANK YOU from the community to the teachers who are helping shape their children and the citizens of the future.

I was fortunate to experience big customer appreciation party's working at software company Oracle and it was amazing how, we got to bond with our customers. We should have this for teachers. 

I am attaching a draft Charter for the same can be seen and modified here. I must say I am not a big fan of too many rules, and may be some of you guys here can help modify this to a simpler version. 

(The Charter content has been inspired from Bentley user group Charter content just to get it off the ground and can be found here.)

Love to hear your thoughts and comments.


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Niranjan, that's a great idea, and thankyou for sharing the charter. I am part of a project in Albania, where 100 schools are creating i-clubs with the challenge how to use creativity and technology to solve problems in their schools and community. While we have created a virtual space for the teachers to be connected, local meetups would be a great way to create meaningful sharing and learning.

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Julia, Love the initiative that you are involved in. I am jealous :). Would like to know more about the initiative and would be happy to share my findings. Feel free to email me if need be at helloniranjan@kidihou.com

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I'd be very happy to connect Niranjan. It's early stages and all your thoughts and lessons learnt are greatly appreciated. My email is julia@gconsultancy.org

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