Learning Through the Garden Experience

The school garden provides amazing opportunities to learn about the natural world and to practice essential life skills.

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Schools can be  full of stressors. With the advent of technology in our lives, the virtual world may consume more of our time and keep us indoors. We need to connect to the natural, physical world to maintain a sense of well being and balance. The School Garden is a place of calm where students can go to during recess (with supervision); a learning lab to discover life science concepts; and  a space to practice social  and organization skills such as cooperation and team work.

K-6 students and teachers take turns going to the Garden  every other week and work with the Garden Coordinator in a specific learning sequence. Concepts and skills derived from this sequence continue to unfold and extend in classroom instruction. 

We are fortunate to have a Garden Coordinator and a garden Steering Committee that meets periodically to plan, implement, evaluate ideas,  and keeps a vigilant pursuit of  funds.


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