InterGrade - InterSchool PBL Curriculum Based Competitions

Quarterly Project Based InterSchool Competitions that are based on curriculum by the School District.

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History: School competitions are a great way for schools to showcase their student talent. More so there is always a support from the management for any events, that get the school and its students into the limelight. From Spelling Bee Contests to Quiz Contests to from Science Contests to Sports Contests, contests are always there.

Idea: InterGrade - InterSchool Project Based Competitions by the School District.

So how about a Project based Interschool competition run by the School District based on curriculum. What I propose here is not something new but that may be something a little different. As we are discussion on how might we get schools, teacher, students to innovate? - I vote for Competitions.

I propose a quarterly Mission/Project that the School District.

Which can be divided further into 1-3 Medium Mission and further in 3-6 Mini Missions.

How to go about it:

- School District Administration gives out 3 projects per quarter for elementary schools, Middle Schools and High Schools within the district.

- Schools compete within the district for the same project with the category they are in.

- Only 2 - 3 teams per school in each category should be allowed.

- The Selection of the team is left to the school to decide.

- Teams of 4-6 children form groups and pick out a coach/mentor from the teachers/parents.

- Projects should implement design thinking ideology into problem solving

- Quarterly the schools, show off their projects and their teams take on the projects.

- Winners are chosen by community judges

- All the participants results are then showcased for a week for all the children from various schools to see and learn from

                I love this as - it displays the diversity that exists in solving the same problem in multiple ways across various schools in the district. Children from schools supporting lower income families may view the same problem in different ways than the opposite. I think this would further broaden the understanding of the children.

- Mean age should be at least 2 grades below the top grade in the school - I propose this for the following reasons

               1. The participants are not just from the top most class

               2. This forces schools to pick children from lower grades to be a part of the team

               3. This allows for the start of inter-grade learning - something that has existed in sports but not in academics.

Potential Impact:

- Design Thinking and innovation is fostered into the curriculum

- Innovation is supported top down from district level

- Kids see how different teams from different schools approach the same mission

- Special coaching will start to appear from schools to train future students to participate in these competitions.

- After school activities that will foster children to compete to get on to the school teams will take place, which encourages PBL and design thinking in children from an early age.

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I like this idea for a couple reasons:
* It is inherently scale-able
* It is a top-->down message. Get the leaders of the district involved asap.