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Measure innovation through character strengths

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Throughout the design process students would identify the character strengths that they needed to use, or perhaps they would identify the strengths that they observed being used by their peers.  The observations and evidence would be collected and documented in a digital portfolio.  This would put an emphasis on the process as opposed to failure vs. success.  

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This sounds really interesting! How would students identify they strengths they needed to use or observed? Would it be a narrative response or a scale they fill out? What would happen to all of their documentation in the portfolio? Would teachers and students review it? Share it? I can't wait to hear more!

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Perhaps their could be a self and group assessment that is filled out. I think that it would be important to have a narrative response (written or video perhaps) to allow the students to provide evidence to support their thinking. Their design thinking/character portfolio could be something that follows them throughout the year and moves on with them to the next grade. Seems like an opportunity to get a better picture of the whole child. Identifying the character strengths needed may be something that they discover as they get through a design ( ex: grit- if they are hitting a wall with their idea, patience - if they find that group members are difficult to work with)

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I love the idea of it traveling with them over time. I wonder if teachers could also have these portfolios, so they could be explicit in tracking their own development of these skills and gain experience/practice in how they identify them to better help students self-assess and know what to look for, as well as know where the trouble spots are when trying to document their work in the portfolio?

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