If it is not broke, then BREAK IT.

Ts with a desire to try something new and all Ss willing to try anything with no judgement while loving risk.

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1) School systems have to be safe and supportive environments for Ts who are willing to embrace taking choices that are untraditional.

2) Highly motivated Ts who challenge themselves, creating new choices to explore and to inspire one another without judgement.

3) Ts developing and using IMPROV skills to embrace RISK without a plan 

4) Ss who share the same crazy mindset of, "Lets all jump into the deep end together at the same time and when something goes wrong, everyone will help one another."

5) Teacher mindset: "Love your Ss as if they are your own children." This mindset changes everything about your practice. 


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Hey All

Here's a quick sketch of a concept LOGO of the IDEA.

Problem: Too often, teachers are in a "bubble" and the adult time of faculty meetings and lunch time is just not the right time or function for this proposal.

Vision: A school would have to set aside 30-40 minutes once a week for a different faculty gathering.

Title: P.I.E.

Notice the LOGO. It's a play on words of the types of gatherings.

Faculties would gather and then 3-4 members of the faculty would offer and communicate their general or specific, past or present thoughts of:
Classroom Experiments, Innovations, Ideas, or Inspiration.

Teacher speaks for 4-5 minutes
Faculty can praise, encourage, share related, ask for more, etc. for 4-5 minutes.
Repeat with another speaker
Anyone faculty member can speak but you only have time for 3-4 speakers.

Food: Administration will always offer free PIE and espresso

An shared DOC is created before the gathering so faculty and write and share their thoughts as the speaker speaks. This way, everyone has a voice for the speaker to receive feedback.

Slices of P.I.E. once a week
Every 4th week, it takes place on TWITTER as a TWITTER CHAT.

None of these ideas are set in stone but I think this is a starting point for a new MODEL for faculties to share with one another.

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Hey Michael and Elsa,

When I return home in a few hours, I will try to paint a tangible picture of the ideals. As you can imagine, it's not easy for a culture and mindset to change.

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Hi Joseph,

These are some really wonderful values to build upon! I love the idea of learning from Improv to develop habits and mindsets around creating safe and supportive environments that foster risk taking and deep collaboration. Do you have any suggestions of ways that we could build this into the school year and professional development days? How might we translate these values into systems and behaviors? What are some prototypes we could create around this? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Joe, I'm intrigued by your ideas. I am wondering if you could elaborate on your first thought. How Might We...create schools that feel safe for teachers to take risks? What would that look like? What would be essential to a safe and supportive environment?