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Shall we see what the kids see?

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Another way to see how a space designed for kids should look like  (apart from talking to them) is to have  students wear a Go-Pro camera around school, of course, we would need parent approval (I got this far), and then you will need admin approval. I often wonder about this. Would you try it out and let me know? or Have you tried something like this? Would love to hear about it.

Just now googling GO-Pro camera/schools I found this:



------- updated after chat with Elsa

I was really excited about the Go-Pro idea, but to make it happen the whole school needs to be in agreement. I am still trying to figure out how to make it happen. 

Last year I used exit cards in my class, the kids that thought they understood the lesson well would place their name on the yellow column and the ones that were still unsure would place their name on the purple column, the next time(I usually give the kids 15 minutes settling time upon arrival) I would call the ones who placed their names on the purple column and would ask how they thought I could better explain to them, and then I would call the ones that placed their names on the yellow column and check how could they support with me their friends. I started doing that not to make assumptions. I wanted to see how they learn through their eyes. Maybe we teachers should make a Glossary of ideas or something like it ....

I think the Glossary should be created in collaboration of like minded people on a Gdrive.


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What an interesting idea. I have a colleague who thought about doing this a few months ago. I actually wanted to use google glass to do the same thing - I still want to do it but can't get my hands on glass.

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Hi Rolland,

Glass is fun, but makes only very short videos. When you get your hands on one let me know how you work around it. You should look at what Margaret Powers wrote about the use of Glass http://365daysofglass.com/ She shared this link to an article she wrote on another thread. Cheers, Paula

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Hey Paula! Thanks for the link to Margaret's work. I am very familiar with what she was doing with glass and have contacted her several times over the course of the year. Will let you know if I ever get my hands on glass.

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