Educating adults on learning to nurture our children's character development

Can Character Be Taught? Paul Tough- Eminent Voices 2014 Paul Tough: "How Children Succeed - The Hidden Power of Cha

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Focus on educating more people on learning to nurture our children's character development. Character education and development encompasses many traits including innovation, creativity, resilience, grit, risk perception, control, mindset, the art of asking good questions and many more. 

How many character traits/skills can we explore? Which character traits do we think will be most valuable to our children in the future? The importance of each character trait might vary from each person, family, school or country asked. Perspective, could dramatically influence which traits are considered most important. How we can innovate to bring together all of these perspectives to have an positive impact? How many people already are discussing this same or similar topic? How might we unite these discussions, collaborations, experiments?


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